Meet Asmâa Methqal

Igniting Vision. Guiding Transformation.​

Hello! I’m Asmâa Methqal, a passionate advocate for transformative leadership and strategic innovation. For over 25 years, I’ve dedicated myself to empowering leaders around the globe to blend the art of leadership with the science of strategy and psychology.

My superpower is transforming vision into reality. I excel at connecting the dots between strategy and execution, empowering leaders to not only envision their goals but actively achieve them with grace and agility.

My journey began in Morocco, where I first learned the power of storytelling and the importance of a community-centric approach to business. These early lessons in the interplay of culture and business ignited my lifelong passion for leadership and set me on the path to where I am today—living between the scenic views of British Columbia and the innovation hubs of California.

As the creatrix of the Fire and Flow Leadership methodology, I blend rigorous strategic frameworks with deep emotional insights to help CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs achieve extraordinary results. My approach is not just about reaching targets but about breaking barriers and creating environments where wealth and gender equality flourish harmoniously.

Through my company, Maestra Business Solutions, and the Fire and Flow Academy, I offer various services, from one-on-one executive coaching to comprehensive workshops that challenge and nurture top-tier professionals. Whether you’re looking to redefine your company’s strategy or refine your personal leadership style, I’m here to guide and support your growth.

I Believe In

The power of balanced leadership — the synergy of fire and flow. This means combining aligned action with deep empathy and intuition to guide decision-making and business relationships, fostering environments where innovation thrives and every voice is heard and valued.

I Am NOT About

Superficial fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions. My focus is on deep, sustainable changes that enhance leadership from the inside out, ensuring that growth is authentic and aligned with core essence and values.

You Can Find Me

Speaking at business leadership conferences, facilitating workshops, coaching clients who inspire me, designing global leadership programs, connecting with my community, and chasing sunsets around the globe.

Daily Rituals

I start with a morning meditation to center my thoughts, a brisk walk to connect with nature, and a period of deep reading to continually expand my understanding of human and organizational behavior.


Watching: Another K-Drama! I am hooked!

Drinking: A Lime Mint Mocktail

Reading: The Mountain Is You

Craving: Cugina Piazzetta from Montréal

Listening:  The Moth Radio Hour

My Favorite Things

Chasing sunsets around the world — each one inspires me with its unique beauty and reminds me of the promise of new beginnings.

A freshly brewed cup of Moroccan mint tea — a nod to my roots and a daily reminder of where I started.

The satisfaction of seeing clients have their “aha” moment — nothing compares to the joy of leaders stepping into their full potential.

This or That

Where I stand on daily stuff… 



Morning Bird

Dulce Leche



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Night Owl






Why Asmâa?

Discover why visionary leaders choose Asmâa Methqal to ignite their journey toward transformative and heart-centered leadership.

Visionary Synergy

Align with your ambitions and lead with unprecedented clarity and impact.

Empathetic Leadership

Transform your leadership style with empathy at its core.

Visionary Synergy

Align with your ambitions and lead with unprecedented clarity and impact.

Strategic Alchemy

Turn your business challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Heart-Centered Growth

Nurture a leadership approach rooted in authenticity.

Strategic Alchemy

Turn your business challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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I'm Asmâa

A global business consultant, bilingual speaker, top marketer, transformational leadership facilitator, author, and unshakable strategist dedicated to unlocking your business and leadership potential.