Design Your Ideal Life Playshop

Did 2020 throw a big curve in your life goals and dreams?

The reality is that your success doesn’t depend on your setbacks but on your ability to reclaim your life and your power!

When you envision your goals and conjure the feelings and emotions that you want to experience through creative means, you are in a better place to connect, create new meanings, and give identity to your aspirations.

This virtual experiential and creative playshop will allow you to evaluate and appreciate your life in 12 specific areas and set yourself on the right path, so you can create a focused life and come back stronger this year.

Expect deep reflection and creative activities surrounded by amazing women.

This playshop is a milestone if you are going through a big transition or if you want to create a high vibrational vision board.

10:00 am to 12:00 pm PST

Cost: $55 USD

Wheel of Life

Discover an appreciative way to design your own Wheel of life to gain clarity on your intentions for 2021.

Bliss Board

Create your own high-vibrational digital vision board inspired by your own energy and ideal aspirations.



Create and nurture deeper and meaningful connections with other participants in a safe virtual space.

This playshop helped me bring into focus the dreams that are most important to me. Now, I have clear steps to create and honor my life goals!

Lisanne Bowness

Victoria, BC

What an outstanding playshop! Everyone in the group had huge breakthroughs. I am no exception!

Nicole Barotte

San Diego, CA

This is the most extraordinary wheel of life vision board playshop I have ever attended. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Brianna Greenspan

Austin, TX

Asmâa I. Methqal is a soulful changemaker, transformational coach, business strategist, and advocate of Feminine Leadership. 

She is the founder of Fire and Flow, an academy where she mentors and coaches women entrepreneurs and leaders across the world to reclaim their inner power and activate their feminine leadership, so they can create a life of prosperity, purpose, and potential.

Her mission is to empower over a million women to claim their feminine leadership, channel their fire, and live in a state of flow.

You can learn more about Asmâa here: Fire and Flow.


Gain Clarity.
Spark Your Creativity.

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