Here is a sampling of recent interviews that feature AsmΓ’a I. Methqal’s feminine leadership and feminine power expertise.

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A Surprising New Definition of Wealth

The You-Est You Podcast
Host: Julie Reisler
Aired on: September 1, 2020

AsmΓ’a shares her story growing up in Morocco being stifled as a female with ambition and desire to create her own life and business. She left without any support and headed to Canada where she proved herself and created a successful branding & marketing business, but only to find herself exhausted, drained, and unfulfilled. She took a deep inner journey and found her intuition and feminine essence that had been buried years earlier from her culture preconditioning. She shares with us how she broke free and uncovered her unfiltered truth.

Bounce Back Into A Life Of Connectedness And Fulfillment

The Game Changer Mentality Podcast
Host: Rodney Flowers
Aired on: August 13, 2020

Asmaa shares her unique process while taking us deeper into the importance of finding a harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within all of us and learning how to heal the wounds that keep us from activating those dormant parts. We all have the fire and flow within us. Discover how to access all parts of you to create a life full of connectedness.

The Rise of Feminine Leadership

The Transformational Leadership Summit
Host: Andrea Ivanka
Aired on: March 9, 2020
Did you know that over a trillion dollars will run through the hands of women in the next decade? Do you want to be riding this abundance curve or left in the dust as it passes you by?

Join Feminine Leadership Advocate Asmaa Methqal as she shares the key differences in feminine and masculine leadership. Understanding them is key for companies and entrepreneurs who want to stay relevant and successful in the new economy.