Spark the Fire. Trust the Flow.

In Your Body. In Your Business. In Your Life.

Spark the Fire

Your brilliance.
Your power.
Your confidence.
Your potential.

Trust the Flow

Your intuition.
Your desires.
Your balance.
Your possibilities.

In Your Body

Your vitality.
Your sensuality.
Your self-worth.
Your pleasure.

In Your Business

Your growth.
Your calling.
Your finances.
Your community.

In Your Life

Your joy.
Your play.
Your relationships.
Your contributions.

A truly joyful life is one lived in harmony with both your fire and your flow.

Knowing when to spark and knowing when to step back.
Knowing when to take action and knowing when to trust.
Knowing when to ignite and knowing when to let go.

This is the place where peace can be accessed.
Where possibilities are created.
Where freedom is found.

Spark The Fire. Trust The Flow.
In Your Body. In Your Business. In Your Life.

We are conditioned to only access specific parts of our feminine and masculine energies.

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Asmâa infuses her work with a delightful balance of fiery intention and serene flow. She is a woman of many superpowers but what I admire most is her passion, wisdom, and desire to help women step into their power while maintaining a playful spark.
Caroline Comport

United States

Asmâa dedicates her heart and energy to bettering the souls around her. She has this ability to unlock your greatness and make you bet on yourself. The depth of her care for your success is unparalleled. Her authenticity, brilliance, and spirit will move you.

Julie Nicole French


Asmâa and her work are POWERFUL. She has such a magical way of helping you connect to your feminine essence, tap into your flow, and unearth all of your juicy goodness below the surface. Working with this magnetic and wondrous soul is truly life-changing.
Ali FitzPatrick

United States

Feminine Business Accelerator

A unique & intimate 4-month program – designed by women for women – that teach you effective feminine business strategies and foundational systems for success so you can create a soul-aligned and profitable business from your feminine genius.

Unleash Your Feminine Power

The world is calling for women to awaken their true power, to fully embrace their femininity, and to lead from their most innate superpowers. This online course shows you  a simple formula to connect and activate your feminine power and increase your inner confidence.

Feminine Prosperity Hub

A vibrant tribe of heart-centred and conscious women empowering you to channel your fire, connect to your feminine power, and lead your life and business from a place of potential, purpose, play, and pleasure, so you can ultimately unlock feminine prosperity.

Hi, I am Asmâa!

Your Connection Catalyst

As an exponential coach, business strategist, educator, and advocate of feminine leadership, I empower women entrepreneurs and executives to uncover, speak, and live their unfiltered truth.

I am passionate about creating an experiential and sacred space to enable my clients to step beyond the fear and into their power, and to integrate all parts of themselves to create harmony between their fire and flow, their yin and yang, and their masculine and feminine energies.

Through my unique process, I help women worldwide connect to their feminine power, gain absolute clarity and confidence, and turn their zone of genius into a force that fuels their business and life. My vision is to create a balance of Fire and Flow in the world. It starts with helping women remove the veil to remember their soft and fierce power and activate their authentic voice, so they can create a life of connectedness and fulfillment at home and at work.

When I look back on my own journey, I realize I was conditioned to live most of my life from my wounded fire on an endless chase leaving me feeling unbalanced and disconnected from myself. Despite my external success, I was feeling empty inside and deeply unfulfilled. I came to the baffling realization that I was serving everyone around me, but not my own soul. So, I chose to put down my social mask and I removed my wounded masculine shield. I slowly started connecting to a dormant feminine power within me. I listened to my fears from a place of empowerment and I took aligned actions to honor my authentic self. And then, I was able to unwrap the purpose that was hidden behind my old stories, doubts, and my own disconnection with myself. Today, I am fully embracing my power, I am deeply connected, and I am living in a state of flow happily supporting women worldwide to do the same!

The truth is that you are the conductor and designer of your own life. Everything you need is already within you. By discovering and applying tools to reframe your lenses, access your power on-demand, and tap into your inner flow, you can live mindfully and intentionally a harmonious and balanced life. Let me show you how.

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Asmâa has this unique superpower that reconnects you deeply with yourself and your purpose. Every experience with her gets me energized and excited about my life and business. Such an inspirational person and light in this world!
Imke Kattau


Asmâa has this amazing energy about her. She is confident, feminine, and a master in her field. Through her insightful work, she is guiding us to reclaim our power and create a life in full alignment with our divinity.
Carolyn Colleen

United States

I experienced first-hand the positive and fast transformations Asmâa brings to every room. She has this magnetic power, straight-to-the-point communication, and incredible wisdom that create game-changing results for all her clients.

Mirja Borau


Welcome to the Sparks Series! These videos will serve as sparks of fire and flow to enhance your life, business, and daily conversations.

Private 1-on-1 Signature Coaching

Uncover, live, and speak your unfiltered truth during our transformational coaching journey. My promise is to help you align with your feminine essence and honour your soul work.

Women Grooveshops

Connect to your body wisdom and your deeper wants and desires with other like-minded women during the various Fire+Flow online and in-person playshops and grooveshops.


Whether it’s an intimate or a stadium-size event, I deliver engaging, energetic talks with many practical ah-has for your audience.